Why Guys Should Hate Chick Flicks

I’ve heard any number of women complain that the males of their acquaintance refuse to watch modern romantic comedies. I’ve also heard many people criticize chick flicks for their reification of women into spouse-hunting she-Rambos. Often overlooked, however, is the shallow portrayal of men.

Chick flick heroes come in set types.

Theoretically these men have lives of their own, but only lip-service is paid to their careers, hobbies, and aspirations. They often gather with friends, but there’s only one topic of conversation.

In the world of the chick flick, certain ratios apply.

Have you ever noticed that “heroine” and “heroin” are only one letter apart? This may be etymologically insignificant... or is it?

Congratulations, gentlemen. According to chick flicks, you are an object meant to be manipulated, trapped, and eventually mounted on the mantel.


  1. I learned something new: Cophetua! What Mighty Contests has made me more educated today!

  2. I LOVE IT!!!! I'm re-posting it for all of the men I know who have already felt this way deep down but were too entrapped by those of us ladies who (admittedly) have forced them to watch You've Got Mail, Chocolat, Sleepless in Seattle, or the Notebook countless times.

    Men do not seem to react well to Meg Ryan films. Fascinating....

    P.S: I should note that Mr Darcey is our gender's own fault. As are Mr Rochester, Maximilian de Winter, and any other character for which I've searched during the past 20 years, assuming faithfully that one of them was pre-made and packaged just for me, waiting for me to pick him up at the nearest Toys R Us.