Uses for a Student Teacher

According to a recent e-mail from my principal, I have the option of having my very own student teacher next year. Ever since then I've been brainstorming how best to utilize my very own minion.

First off, I teach in a trailer... er... "portable classroom." The parking lot view isn’t particularly scenic, but this will be solved when my student teacher beautifies the area by planting dendrocnide moroides.

My portable is also some distance removed from the main building, so my student teacher will help facilitate transportation between my two realms.

Because the main building-portable trek can be quite chilly in the winter, my student teacher will also acquire some expertise in tunnel-digging.

My portable has a tendency to sag. Fortunately, my student teacher will provide an excellent support system.

Of course, there is more to teaching than coping with a portable classroom. My student teacher will also fetch essential classroom supplies.

Then there’s the matter of class dynamics. My student teacher will gather the necessary components for a lovely group-bonding bonfire.

Additionally, having a student teacher will help me improve my own teaching by increasing my cultural literacy.

It will also allow me to delegate menial tasks, thereby saving me hours of effort.

Of course, this relationship will be mutually beneficial: I’ll supervise my student teacher carefully and impart the wisdom garnered in all my years of teaching.

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