Prayer Chicken

Two Christians walk into a restaurant. It’s the first time they’ve been out to eat together, and when the food comes, there’s an awkward pause as each one wonders

The obvious solution is for someone to actually ask this question.

But this almost never happens. Instead, what follows is a game of prayer chicken: each person waits for the other either to pray or simply begin eating.

There are a number of tactics employed in this situation:

the fake out,

the ambiguous hand position,

and my personal favorite, in which I do nothing but drink water while smiling creepily at my companion.

The worst aspect of this situation is that neither party acknowledges that the game is being played, thereby doubling the difficulty by forcing them to make unrelated conversation.

This continues until someone capitulates, either by taking one for the team,

evening the score,

or eschewing religious customs.

Because of the inherent awkwardness of prayer chicken, no one ever really wins. Therefore, I propose the following identification buttons. Just print one out and wear it when the occasion demands.

Go forth and hesitate no more!

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